Our investment and planning strategy leverages the tax incentives of The Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017, as well as other beneficial federal tax provisions  and community-based incentives.

We give our investors the option to participate in a Pooled Fund or in an Individually-Curated Fund.



Investors who participate in a Pooled Fund will have the opportunity to diversify their asset allocation over a number of investments.  The Pooled Fund will target a mixed portfolio of businesses and real estate in a variety of locations across the U.S.  We anticipate a diverse cross-section of investments, including:

  • Equity investments in businesses with qualifying assets located in Opportunity Zones.

  • Ground-up residential, commercial, and industrial real estate developments. 

  • Rehabilitation of existing residential, commercial, and industrial buildings and communities. 


Investors in individually-curated funds will have the discretion to accept or decline specific investment opportunities, and they will have the discretion to accept or decline co-investors in their curated fund.

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